about Ghost Highway

I’m Jeff Westover, a resident of southern Michigan since the mid-1990s (save for a couple of years I attended Central Michigan University).   Between 2005 and 2010 my daily commute took me along two of Michigan’s oldest roads; US-12 (aka Chicago Road, Michigan Ave. or Sauk Trail) and M-50 (aka La Plaisance Pike or Monroe Pike).  Both roads cut through the Irish Hills area of southern Michigan, crossing in northwest Lenawee County at Cambridge Junction, where the two Walker Taverns still stand.

In 2007 I watched a TV documentary about ghost hunting in Gettysburg, Pennsylvania that featured a man named Scott Crownover who used infrared digital still cameras to capture ghostly apparitions during daylight hours.  (YouTube video of Crownover)  The video inspired me to photograph historical locations, burial grounds and abandoned roadside attractions along the old highways and throughout the Greater Irish Hills area in the hopes of also capturing something anomalous.  I recorded digital audio at nearly every location I photographed in the hopes of capturing electronic voice phenomena…EVP’s.    I photographed something extremely strange in the old wooden Walker Tavern (built in 1832) at the Cambridge Junction Historical State Park on August 31, 2010.

Many of my infrared photographs can be found in the self-published Blurb book (full preview available) Ghost Highway:  A Photographic Elegy for Southern Michigan

I’ve been investigating and documenting various aspects of the paranormal for twenty years.  In 1996, I volunteered as a police-style sketch artist with Mutual UFO Network (MUFON) investigators working with people who claimed to have had UFO encounters.  It was during my time working with Michigan MUFON investigators that I learned of the Irish Hills area’s reputation for paranormal activity and began looking into area hauntings.

I’ve illustrated several UFO-related books, including Random House’s “Almanac of Alien Encounters” (2001) by Eric Elfman and have designed and illustrated book covers for several more, including “Star Kids” (2005) by Dr. Richard Boylan.

-Jeff Westover


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